Donnarumma are an exhilarating three piece from Adelaide, South Australia. Inspired by modern contemporaries such as Gang of Youths and Jeff Buckley, this rock trio gives it their absolute all to leave the hair of your arms stand up and to send you goose bumps.

Led by the captivating vocalist and front man Louis Donnarumma, the band are filled with intensity paired with incredibly intricate music to make you move, and to be moved. With their songs of heartache and desire, Donnarumma are all about creating suspense and a moody atmosphere, showing their authenticity in their music. Through impressive musicianship and charismatic stage presence, both Louis and band members Anthony Costanzo and Max Tulysewski draw you in from heartbreak ballads to driven and upbeat climatic peaks.

Already making their mark in their local scene, Donnarumma have shared the stage with nationally renowned acts such as Julia Jacklin and Amber Isles, in addition to touring the Australian east coast with MANE and showcasing at Adelaide Fringe, Semaphore Music festival and Umbrella Festival.

The debut single Love Your Man will release in May, following with their debut E.P Billy Billy release, having their east coast tour and popping their heads in the festival circuit.

“It was clear from the initial strong audience reaction the songs held a special place in their hearts” - YewthMag

"Donnarumma is quite a talent, and someone worth watching as their career inevitably takes off" - Upside News