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Donnarumma are an exhilarating three piece from Adelaide, South Australia. Inspired by modern contemporaries such as Arcade Fire and Jeff Buckley, the trio fills the room with rumbling drums, roaring bass and angelic vocals.

Led by the captivating vocalist and front man Louis Donnarumma, the band are a driving musical force, blurring the edges of genre constraints, elevating their sound with explosive and commanding symphonic character. Fuelled by adolescent fury, the trio express themes of unrequited love, longing and desire showing their vulnerability and authenticity in their music. The impressive musicianship and charismatic stage presence from both Louis and band members Anthony Costanzo and Max Tulysewski create waves of energy and upbeat climatic peaks.

Donnarumma have shared the stage with nationally renowned acts such as Bootleg Rascal, Ecca Vandal and Regurgitator, in addition to touring the Australian east coast with MANE. Their celebratory debut single release Love Your Man followed by their E.P Billy Billy was loved by Triple and Double J presenters Nkechi Anele and Myf Warhurst as well as national rotation under several community radio stations.

“A sonic punch to the gut and heart” – Music Feeds

“It was clear from the initial strong audience reaction the songs held a special place in their hearts” - YewthMag

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